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Ring size guide - Passerines (eg finches) and other small birds

NB. All sizes are given in good faith and are based on the most recent information we have available.

Small Plastic Split Ring Sizes

XF - 2.3mm

Double-Barred (Bicheno) Finch; Orange-Cheeked, Gold-Breasted and Red-Eared Waxbills; Cordon Bleu; Fire Finch; Lavender Finch; Gouldian Finch; Green Singing Finch; Silverbills; Star Finch; Hecks Grass Finch; Parrot Finches; Cherry Finch; Painted Finch; Pictorella; Chestnut-Breasted Finch; Diamond Firetail(Diamond Sparrow); Yellow-Rumped Finch, and other similar small Foreign Finches.

 Vampire Bats.

XCS - 2.8mm

Gloster, Fife, Miniature and Irish Fancy Canaries; Zebra Finch, Bengalese Finch; Nuns; Cut-Throats.

XCL - 3.1mm

Border, Red Factor, Lizard, Roller, Yorkshire, Norwich, Crested, and Parisien Frill Canaries; Pekin Robin; Red-Faced Pytilia.

XB - 4.0mm

Java Sparrow; Budgerigar; Grass Parakeets including Bourkes, Turquoisines, Splendids, Elegants and Bluewings; Indian Shama; Diamond Dove; Chinese Painted Quail.

Myotis Bat & Shrimps.

X3 - 4.5mm

Lovebirds; Stanley Rosella, Lineolated Parakeet, Kakarikies, Manycolours, Yellow-fronted and Red-fronted New Zealand Parakeets.

1FB - 5.5mm

Mealies, Pileated, and Gold-Mantled Rosellas; Redrumps; Cockatiels; Port Lincolns; Barrabands; Princess-of-Wales; Barnards; Cloncurries; Pennants; Rock Pebblers; Crimson Wings; Plumheads; Quail (Japanese & Coturnix); Doves; Tippler/Tumbler and Roller Pigeons.

2FB - 6.4mm

Indian Ringnecks; Homing Pigeons.

Fruit bat

Small: closed & split aluminium ring sizes


Double-Barred (Bicheno) Finch, Orange-Cheeked, Gold-Breasted and Red-Eared Waxbills.


Cordon Bleu, Fire Finch, Lavender Finch.


Gouldian Finch and other similar small Foreign Finches, Green Singing Finch, Silverbills, Star Finch, Hecks Grass Finch, Parrot Finches, Cherry Finch, Painted Finch.


Pictorella, Chestnut-Breasted Finch, Diamond Firetail (Diamond Sparrow), Yellow-Rumped Finches.


 Bengalese Finch, Zebra Finch, Gloster, Fife, Miniature and Irish Fancy Canaries, Nuns, Cut-Throats.


 Red Factor, Lizard and Roller Canaries, Red-Faced Pytilia.


 Border, Yorkshire, Norwich and Crested Canaries, Pekin Robin, Parisien Frill Canary.

Medium: closed & split aluminium ring sizes


 Java Sparrow, Diamond Dove.


 Budgerigar, Grass Parakeets including Bourkes, Turquoisines, Splendids, Elegants and Bluewings, Indian Shama, Chinese Painted Quail.

M - 4.4mm

 Lovebirds, Stanley Rosella, Lineolated Parakeet, Kakarikies, Manycolours, Yellow-fronted and Red-fronted New Zealand Parakeets, Meyer's Lory, Manycolours

N - 5.3mm

 Mealies, Pileated, Redrumps, Cockatiel (Normal Grey), Red Bellied Conure, Pearly Conure, Maroon-bellied Conure 

P - 6.0mm

 Cockatiels (Colour Mutation), Gold-Mantled Rosellas, Port Lincolns, Barrabands, Princess-of-Wales, Barnards, Cloncurries, Pennants, Perfect Lorikeet, Sun Conure, Nanday Conure, Jenday Conures, Blue-throated Conure, Dusky-Headed Conure, Quaker Parakeet. .

Crested Pigeon

R - 7.1mm

Quail (Japanese & Coturnix), Dove

Rn - 7.1mm


 Rock Pebblers, Crimson Wings, Plumheads.

Chattering Lory, Crimson-winged Parakeet, Plumheads, Red-throated Conure, Meyer's Parrot, Red-bellied Parrot, Senegal Parrot.

S - 7.6mm

Homing Pigeon

Sn - 7.6mm

Indian Ringnecks


We are currently following the C.O.M. (Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale) colour roster. C.O.M. rings are year colour coded - Our year colour for 2018 bird rings is Red

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