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Medium Aluminium Closed & Split Rings

Medium Aluminium Rings
Sizes K L M N P R Rn S Sn & T

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2019 closed rings will not be despatched until January
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Medium aluminium rings come closed or split in sizes K, L, M, N, P, R, Rn, S, Sn & T suitable for medium size birds and are available in plain (no colour), plain black filled, or  anodised (coloured) in a range of colours

They can be numbered consecutively  1-10, 11-20, 21-30 ... up to ... 91-100.

They can also carry your own personal ID up to 4 characters
We also supply medium and large aluminium closed rings for larger birds, poultry, and waterfowl.

Colour Coded anodised bird rings are provided in a six year cycle.

The colours are:  2017 Dark Blue, 2018 Red,  2019 Black, 2020 Light Green, 2021 Violet, 2022 Orange.

From 2023 the cycle restarts with Dark Blue

Our anodised rings are provided date stamped in the current year's colour.

Pre ordering for the next year's closed rings will be available from October for delivery in January.


CLOSING PLIERS for SPLIT Aluminium Rings

For a guide to the correct ring size available for your species of birds click here

If you are not comfortable about ordering online contact us

We are currently following the C.O.M. (Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale) colour roster. C.O.M. rings are year colour coded - Our year colour for 2018 bird rings is Red

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