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Ring size guide - Parrots

NB. All sizes are given in good faith and are based on the most recent information we have available.

Medium: closed & split aluminium ring sizes

M = 4.4mm

 Lovebirds, Stanley Rosella, Lineolated Parakeet, Kakarikies, Manycolours, Yellow-fronted and Red-fronted New Zealand Parakeets, Meyer's Lory, Manycolours

N - 5.3mm

 Mealies, Pileated, Redrumps, Cockatiel (Normal Grey), Red Bellied Conure, Pearly Conure, Maroon-bellied Conure 

P - 6.0mm

 Cockatiels (Colour Mutation), Gold-Mantled Rosellas, Port Lincolns, Barrabands, Princess-of-Wales, Barnards, Cloncurries, Pennants, Perfect Lorikeet, Sun Conure, Nanday Conure, Jenday Conures, Blue-throated Conure, Dusky-Headed Conure, Quaker Parakeet. .

Rn - 7.1mm

Chattering Lory, Crimson-winged Parakeet, Plumheads, Red-throated Conure, Meyer's Parrot, Red-bellied Parrot, Senegal Parrot.

Sn - 7.6mm

Indian Ringnecks, Moustached Parakeet, Pileated (Red-capped) Parrot, Black-headed Caique, Australian King Parrot, Green-winged King Parrot, Hahn's Macaw, Noble's Macaw, Lesser Patagonian Conure.

T - 8.7mm

Roseate Cockatoo, Blue-naped Parrot, Bronze-winged Pionus, Yellow-naped Macaw, Golden (Queen of Bavaria) Conure, Alexandrine Parakeet, Greater Patagonian Conure. 

Large: closed & split aluminium ring sizes

U - 9.5mm

Citron Crested Cockatoo, Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Goffin's Cockatoo, Great-billed Parrot, Hawk-headed Parrot, Yellow-billed Amazon, Cuban Amazon, Hispaniolan Amazon, Green-cheeked Amazon.

V - 11.0mm

Black Palm Cockatoo, Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Caninde Macaw, Eclectus Parrot, African Grey Parrot, Chestnut-fronted Macaw, Yellow-naped Amazon, St. Vincent Amazon, Orange-winged Amazon.

W - 12.7mm

Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Blue & Gold Macaw, Military Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Umbrella Cockatoo

X - 14.3mm

Green-winged Macaw

Y - 15.8mm

Hyacinthine Macaw

We are currently following the C.O.M. (Confédération Ornithologique Mondiale) colour roster. C.O.M. rings are year colour coded - Our year colour for 2018 bird rings is Red

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